Esther Tisa


Esther Tisa Francini has been working for the Museum Rietberg since 2008, since 2013 as Head of the Archives and Provenance Research. She studied history in Zurich and Paris, and specialized in museum, collection and art market history, first in the field of Nazi looted art and the role of Switzerland, later on non-european Art and transfer questions with dealers and collectors. She has curated several exhibitions at the Museum Rietberg: "From Buddha to Picasso. The collector Eduard von der Heydt" (2013), about the founding collector of the museum, "Dada Africa: The dialogue with the other" (with Ralf Burmeister and Michaela Oberhofer) (2016), as a starting point with one of the most important collector of African art, Han Coray, and "The Question of Provenance. Unwrapping Collection History" (2018/2019), giving an introduction to research questions within the collection history.  

She is a member of the Internationaler Arbeitskreis Provenienzforschung e.V. since 2001. Actually, she is working on another exhibition about the collection history and is part of the interdisciplinary research project (2018-2022) "Hans Himmelheber – African Art and entangled knowledge production".